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Unlike our competitors (which use commercial grade chemicals),  Namaste Farms Wool Products are all cosmetic grade, almost exclusively fragrance free and made in small batches.  These formulations were created by some of the top cosmetic researchers in the country with the unique qualities of wool in mind. These researchers used the most current hair care science and the “green” qualities many consumers demand.  Our products are eco-friendly, not tested on animals and suitable for human use.

“With today’s technology, why would anyone use commercial grade chemicals to wash wool fibers? The beauty industry has had giant breakthroughs in the last few years, and all these breakthroughs apply to wool and other protein fibers.”
Namaste Farms Wool Product Formulator

Our signature product, “Wash and Dye Bastard,” is a conditioning shampoo which is best suited for low oil fibers (Long wools, alpaca, angora rabbit, silky mohair) or high oil/wax fibers which have been pre-washed with “Dirty Rotten Bastard.”   Wash and Dye Bastard utilizes nanotechnology that helps dye molecules absorb deep into the fiber cuticle; this quality will change the way you dye.  Your fibers will have depth of color you never thought possible and, in fact, will make the colors you thought you knew take on the appearance of more vibrant and different colors.  Wash and Dye Bastard offers:

– Color Protection
– Sulfate free
– No Propylene Glycol
– Paraben free
– Free of Nitrosamines and Dioxanes
– pH and eco friendly
– Nanotechnology

One of the most coveted benefits of Wash and Dye?  You’ll NEVER have to scour low oil fibers before dyeing again.  That’s right, throw your raw and dirty wet fiber in shampoo and straight into the dye pot!  After dyeing, your fibers usually just need a rinse to get the residual dirt and dye off, then one quick light wash, and finally, a rinse before drying.  Dyeing your fibers raw with Wash and Dye is so much better for your fiber.  Washing before dyeing is stressful for the fiber, gives a higher chance of felting, and takes a lot of time and energy.

Our Clarifying high scour shampoo, “Dirty Rotten Bastard” can be used as a final wash or as a prewash (before Wash and Dye) and really scours those extra dirty and high oil/wax wools such as: Merino, Cormo and Corriedale etc… Using the scour properties of Dirty Rotten Bastard can be effective in releasing the gunk on mohair and wool wax that is problematic to remove. It’s best to use very generously when you have fibers that are problematic.

For instructions on use, please visit the “How To” page.

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