bearWe do want you to be happy and offer a refund of purchase price on all sealed bottles of shampoo and unworn t-shirts within 30 days of purchase.  You should expect a refund within 4 days of receipt of returned product.  Due to the delicate nature of essential oils, they cannot be returned.

Shipping is via USPS and occurs within one week of purchase for in stock items.  Please take care when using the shipping calculator, there are many options with various prices.  In the event we notice you’ve chosen a shipping option which is substantially more than the actual price, we will contact you and refund the excess.  We want your experience to be seamless and not pay excessive shipping costs when unnecessary.  Please note, liquids are heavy and a gallon bottle is between 8-9 lbs!  In the event USPS confirmation shows delivered and you have not received your product, we will do everything we can to help but we cannot replace lost or stolen items that show DELIVERED so please make sure you have the correct address via Paypal and a private secure mailbox.   In addition, many of our Canadian customers do not have private mailboxes, they are community and this means many people are able to access.  As much as we love our Canadian customers please understand we will not replace DELIVERED packages and that by using a community mailbox, you are adding risk.  Further, you understand and agree to these terms if you purchase from us and ship via USPS.    All this said, in the event your package does not arrive, does not say “delivered,’ we will be more than happy to replace it with no further cost to you.

We do NOT store data and we will not share your information.   Further, we, personally, do not have access to your credit card information or any personal data with the exception of your shipping and email addresses. Please rest assured that your information is safe with us and this is a secure SSL site.  For more detailed information regarding the sausage making of Privacy and Terms and Conditions of this site, please go here.

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