Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

If I see staining, should I keep washing?

NO… staining cannot be removed with continued washing.  You will ruin the fleece if you try to rub or scour out stains. Fleeces with staining should be used in the dye pot.  Fleeces that wash bright white are the ones you use for dyeing pastels or in their natural state. To make protein fibers brighter, you can soak in hydrogen peroxide, do NOT use bleach.

What do I do if I have a very high oil wool?

High oil fibers such as, Cormo and Merino, are challenging for any hand spinner to process.  While Namaste Farms Wool Products are made to be used in med/hot water, high oil fibers (or greasy mohair) should be scoured with very hot water. Further, using a hot water/Dirty Rotten Bastard soak prior to shampooing may be necessary.  When using a soak, never allow the temperature to drop below tepid or the oil/grease can re-adhere.

Will washing with any of the shampoos remove vegetation (i.e.VM)?

Vegetation cannot be removed by washing.  One of the favorite sayings of experienced fiber artists is, “Life’s too short to work with high VM fleeces.”  While some people enjoy the challenge of combing and picking vegetation out, no amount of scouring will remove it!

I know I’m supposed to wash my fiber after dyeing, what shampoo should I use?

Wash and Dye Bastard is a conditioning shampoo and does help to make locks supple.  That said, if you have issues with grease, use Dirty Rotten Bastard.

Do I use the same amount of dye?

You will notice you use more dye than usual. This is because the dye is going deeper into the fiber which gives you depth of color you’ve never seen before.

I notice there seems to be more dye in the bottom of the kettle and pans when I dump the exhaust. Why is this?

Because the dye is brought deeper into the fiber, larger dye molecules that aren’t needed or are too big to absorb will be, quite literally, spit out.  These molecules will be cast off and will settle at the bottom of your exhaust bath.  Some dyers will collect the exhaust and use it with undyed fiber to make pastels. Because the exhaust dye is not full strength, you would not expect the degree of color you would with full strength dyes.

Do you have free samples?

We are a tiny company and just starting out.  Samples are very costly and at this time, we do not supply free samples.

Do you supply an ingredient list?

Because this is a wool shampoo, we are not required to supply an ingredient list.  Be assured, the highest quality cosmetic grade products are used in your shampoos and it is manufactured in a cosmetic/shampoo facility.

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