From the family of hair care icon, Jheri Redding, comes another industry changing line of shampoos; Namaste Farms Wool Products. As many know, the late Jheri Redding was instrumental in changing the beauty industry and founded such companies as Nexxus and co-founded Jhirmack and Redken. In fact, his entrance into the beauty world began in the 1930’s when Jheri first tinkered with the idea of making shampoos.

“People were washing their hair with bar soap; the same soap we used for laundry.” Jheri Redding

The same realization that sparked Jheri to create hair specific cleansers is what motivated his son, Sean Redding with wife, Natalie, to formulate products for the fiber industry.
Natalie Redding (Namaste Farms) is well known throughout the fiber world for her high quality wool and fiber, dyeing, handspinning, teaching, and as a public figure.  Natalie’s public persona is known worldwide via national print media, her own Nat Geo Wild show “Shear Madness”, and her ranch of prizewinning sheep and goats.

Namaste Farms Wool Products Shampoo is made in California and hand bottled by the Redding family.  We are proud to be 100 percent USA family owned and operated.

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