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When Sean and I decided to follow in his father, Jheri Reddings footsteps and make shampoos, we knew our product would be great, but we had no idea we could sell out the first batch in less than 3 days. I am so appreciative to all my friends, fans and followers for the enormous support we received. Because of the pre-orders we were able to order the second shampoo in our line, “Dirty Rotten Bastard” AND, order a second batch of “Wash and Dye.”

After long conversations about scents, we decided the best way to offer scents is to allow people to add their own! We have just put in an order for pure essential oils from one of the most respected, family owned manufacturers in the country. These will be pure essential oils which are natural and extracted from the plants the oils originate from. All our extracts are free from fillers, artificial ingredients, contaminants, pesticides and chemical residues and are NOT diluted. All batches are rigorously tested with the highest standards of purity and our essential oils have kosher certification.

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