Wash and Dye Unscented – 1 gallon




Carrying on the legacy of Jheri Redding (Nexxus, Jhirmack, Redken) comes the Namaste Farms Wool Products. Our flagship shampoo, “Wash and Dye Bastard” will change the way you wash and dye your protein fibers by combining the latest technology for wool and human hair. This paraben and sulfate free shampoo conditions while it cleans making it more difficult to over scour. Beyond this is the inclusion of a patented formula which allows dyes to uptake and absorb deep into the cuticle. The results are colors you never thought possible with less muddying and increased vibrance. “Wash and Dye” is a cosmetic grade shampoo (as are all of Namaste Farms Wool Products) which are made in small batches.  All the products we offer are suitable for use on your own hair so you never have to worry about their purity or safeness.

Please note, within the US, you should be able to ship one gallon for 16.00 with the medium flat rate shipping button.   If you have issues with shipping, we will refund any significant overcharges.

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Weight 9.8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 17 in


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